The News in 5 Minutes: North Korean missile launch, SNP calls for Trident removal and Stirling Police on Pokemon

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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (18 July) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: North Korean missile launch, SNP calls for Trident removal and Stirling Police on Pokémon.

News: North Korea ‘fires missiles into sea’

US and South Korean officials report that North Korea has fired three missiles into the sea

North Korea has fired three missiles into the sea of the eastern coast of the country, say South Korean and US officals. The BBC reports that the missiles were fired from the Hwangju region and travelled between 500km and 600km before reaching the sea. North Korea is barred from testing nuclear or ballistic missile technologies by UN sanctions.

Three injured in axe attack on train in Germany

Three people have been injured after a 17-year-old attacked passengers on a train in Würzburg in Germany with an axe. The train was stopped and the teenager was shot dead by police at the scene. The Bavarian interior minister Joachim Hermann has said that the teenager had come to Germany as an unaccompanied minor and had been staying in Würzburg “for a few months”.

Pilots arrested for ‘alcohol impairment’ in Glasgow

Two pilots were arrested yesterday in relation to being impaired through alcohol. The pair are understood to work for Canadian airline Transat and their arrest caused the delay of a flight from Glasgow to Toronto until this morning. The pilots are scheduled to appear in Paisley Sherriff Court.

Politics: SNP calls for Trident to be moved from Scotland

The SNP has called for Trident to be moved from the Clyde after 58 of 59 Scottish MPs voted against renewal

MPs voted 472 to 117 to renew the Trident missile system in Commons yesterday. All but one Scottish MP voted against renewal which has led the SNP to call for the removal of the weapons from Scotland. The SNP has said “Scotland's decision against renewal should be respected.”

Families of troops killed in Iraq War launch legal crowdfunder

After the publication of the Chilcot report on 6 July The Iraq War Families Campaign Group has launched a crowdfunder to fund legal works including investigation of the 12-volume report and attempts to ascertain whether those who made mistakes can be pursued in court.

Sport: IOC to decide on Russia ban after doping investigation

The IOC meets today to decide on Russia ban after doping investigation

The IOC will meet today to rule on whether Russia is to be banned from the upcoming Rio olympics. The ruling comes after an investigation revealed evidence of what has been described as ‘state sponsored doping’.

Culture: Scottish Opera to launch new season with Marriage of Figaro

Scottish Opera will launch its new season with a revival of Marriage of Figaro

The Scottish Opera will launch its new season at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow in October with a revival of a 2010 production of the Marriage of Figaro. The show will then tour to Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh before a stint at the Empire Theatre in London in January 2017.

Weather: Hot today but weather warnings in place for Wednesday

Temperature soars today but weather warnings in place for Wednesday

Promised glimpses of sun have turned into temperatures of up to 28 degrees today, but weather warnings for rain have been issued for Wednesday.

And another thing: Stirling Police catch more than Pokémon

‘Gotta catch ‘em all’ is no excuse, according to Stirling Police

This humourous tweet from Stirling Police has gone viral overnight as they highlighted that Pokémon fever is no excuse for being caught in questionable circumstances. Read our explainer of the craze sweeping the nation here.

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