The News in 5 Minutes: South China Sea, Ruth Davidson goes to London and Angela Eagle’s missing media


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (12 July) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes the South China Sea, Ruth Davidson, Andy Murray the earliest anti-nuclear weapons protests on the Clyde and Angela Eagle’s missing press gang.

News: Tribunal to rule over disputed South China Sea

China not interested in tribunal

A tribunal has been established by the United Nations, to adjudicate between China and the Philippines in a dispute over parts of the South China Sea. China’s determination to contest the waters marks the emergence of China as a new regional superpower. China has refused to recognise the tribunal.

US whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempts suicide

Lawyers representing US whistleblower Chelsea Manning have revealed that she attempted suicide last week. The transgender woman was sentenced to 35 years in an all-male prison facility after she leaked around 700,000 documents to WikiLeaks while she worked as an intelligence analyst in Iraq.  

Politics: Ruth Davidson to travel to London to speak against second indyref plans

Ruth Davidson off to court journalists in Westminster

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will travel to London today to deliver a speech attacking any future plans for a second referendum on Scottish independence. According to the Herald, she is embarking on the trip to lobby journalists in the Westminster circuit. Though quite why she is doing this is unclear, since the only audience that matters on this question is back up the road in Scotland. Surely.

Tory Tycoon MSP worth £40m

A Tory MSP has been revealed to be worth more than £40m after he became one of the final new MSPs to update his register of interests. Alexander Burnett is an aristocrat with substantial business dealings in property. Alright for some.

Sport: Andy Murray: ‘I would love to be number one’

Yes, it’s more Andy Murray news – we’re not very good on sport

Andy Murray has said that his next target is to become the world number one Tennis player. The current holder of the top spot is Novak Djokovic. Murray also intimated in an article he penned for the BBC that he is a lightweight, falling down some stairs after a few drinks after his second Wimbledon victory.

Culture: The earliest Scots anti-nuclear weapons protests

The Herald has uncovered a photograph of the earliest anti-nuclear protests at the Clyde from it’s archives. The pic is from 1960 and can be viewed here. Food for thought ahead of the forthcoming vote in Trident replacement on 18 July.

Weather: Overcast and rain

Enjoy today’s summer cloudiness, because there’s more rain tomorrow.

And another thing

Angela Eagle’s leadership launch, at which she was deserted by the nation’s press for news that Theresa May is set to be the next prime minister, was a wee shame.

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