The News in 5 Minutes: Trident renewal, a Scottish spaceport and naughty boy Jeremy Corbyn


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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (12 July) of the the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes Trident renewal, poverty, the Scottish spaceport, Jeremy Corbyn on the Labour ballot and shocking footage from the meeting where it was decided.

News: Support for Trident renewal at just 45 per cent of UK public

Trident Nuclear weapons system renewal lacks majority public support

Support for Trident renewal is at just 45 per cent across the UK ahead of a crunch vote in the UK Parliament on a new generation of nuclear weapons to be based at Faslane on the Clyde in Scotland.The UK Parliament is set to vote on renewal on 18 July. The Scottish Parliament has already voted overwhelmingly against Trident renewal. The figures were compiled by a poll for the the Herald.

Welfare state ‘simply not working’ says Citizens Advice

A new report from the leading poverty charity Citizens Advice Scotland has said that the welfare state is “simply not working” after it received a bumper request for information about foodbanks. In 2014-15 the group provided advice on accessing free food 7,400 times.

Scottish spaceport a step closer after deal with US firm

A Scottish spaceport based near Prestwick airport is a step closer to becoming a reality after it signed a deal with the US firm XCOR Aerospace, which designs spaceplanes for passenger flights into sub-orbit. You’ll be sending your granny off to space in no time. If she’s rich, anyway.

Politics: Jeremy Corbyn will be on the ballot in Labour leadership contest

Leftist Labour leader to face challenge from Angela Eagle

Leftisit leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be on the ballot paper in a future leadership challenge after a meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) decided this was in accordance with party rules. He will now face Angela Eagle who challenged him to the leadership on Monday (11 July).

Owen Smith to become second Corbyn challenger

Owen Smith, who resigned along with many others from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet in June, has become the second challenger to Corbyn’s leadership according to the New Statesman. Smith, who is to the left of initial challenger Angela Eagle, will campaign as an anti-austerity alternative to Corbyn. Eagle will not be pleased.

Sport: Celtic should feel ‘no embarrassment’ over loss to Gibraltar part-timers

Celtic manager Brendan Rogers has said “there’s no embarrassment” in the club’s defeat at the hands of a part-time Gibraltar team, the Lincoln Red Imps. The 1-0 defeat at the hands of a police officer, a fireman, a taxi driver and a customs officer among other part time players will be followed by the second game in the tie in Glasgow next week.

Culture: Scots artist Peter Doig embroiled in ‘fake’ Doig scandal

Scots artist Peter Doig will be forced to prove an alleged Doig painting is not a Doig. A man who owns what he claims is a Doig, bought from Doig while he was in prison in the 1970s, has said that claims by Doig that the alleged Doig is not a Doig has harmed the alleged Doig’s sale. Doig maintains it is not a real Doig, as reported in the Herald.

Weather: Some sun tomorrow

Sun with patches of cloud tomorrow (Thursday 14 July). Aren’t you lucky, at the height of summer.

And another thing

CommonSpace has obtained footage from inside the Labour party’s NEC meeting that eventually decided Jeremy Corbyn would automatically be on the ballot for any future leadership election. Be warned, some of the footage is disturbing.

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