The News in 5 Minutes: Turkish police suspended, Trident renewal and Scottish zombie comedy

Maxine Blane

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TODAY’S INSTALMENT (18 July) of the CommonSpace daily news roundup includes: Turkish police suspended, Trident renewal and a Scottish zombie comedy.

News: Thousands of Turkish police suspended after failed coup

Nearly 8,000 Turkish police officers have been suspended under suspicion of links to failed coup

Nearly 8,000 Turkish police officers have been suspended, reportedly under suspicion of having links to the failed coup attempted by sections of the military on Friday night. Six thousand people have been detained in connection with the failed coup, and the Turkish foreign ministry has reported that the death toll from the weekend’s events has risen to 290 people.

Three police officers dead in Baton Rouge shooting

Three police officers were killed and another three injured in a shooting near police headquarters in the US city of Baton Rouge on Sunday, the BBC reports. The man responsible was shot dead by police at the scene. Tensions between police and the public remain high in the US after several recent high-profile uses of lethal force by police offers.

Venezuela opens border with Colombia for second time this month

Venezuela has opened its border with Colombia this weekend to let thousands cross into Colombia to obtain basic food supplies and medicines. The border was closed last year in an attempt to combat cross-border crime but has been reopened twice for people to obtain goods that remain in short supply due to the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

Politics: MPs set to vote on Trident renewal

MPs will vote on Trident renewal in Commons later today

MPs will vote on the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons programme in the Commons later today. The vote is expected to highlight ongoing turmoil in the Labour party and comes after anti-Trident protests took place across Scotland at the weekend. Read our explainer of everything you need to know about Trident renewal here.

Tommy Sheppard to stand for SNP deputy leader role

Edinburgh East MP Tommy Sheppard has announced he will stand for the role of deputy leader of the SNP. Sheppard will be campaigning against Angus Robertson MP, Alyn Smith MEP and Councillor Chris McEleny for the position.

Sport: Mexico victorious at Homeless World Cup

Mexico have retained both the men’s and women’s titles at the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow

Mexico were double winners at the Homeless World Cup finals on Saturday. Both the men’s and the women’s teams retained their titles for the second year in a row, beating Brazil 6-1 and Kyrgyzstan 5-0, respectively.

Culture: Michel Faber tackles grief in first poetry collection

Faber examines personal bereavement in first collection of poetry

Award-winning novelist Michel Faber has turned to poetry to examine grief and bereavment following the death of his wife in 2014. The collection of 64 poems is called ‘Undying: A Love Story’ and is published by Canongate.

Weather: Cloudy today with a chance of sun tomorrow

Cloudy Monday could be followed by sunny intervals tomorrow

Cloud cover looks set to remain for the rest of the day, but there’s a chance we could see the sun peeking through at points tomorrow – fingers crossed!

And another thing: Crowdfunder launched for Scots zombie movie

Crowdfunder launched to support ‘zombie comedy’ movie in Scotland and north-east England

A crowdfunder was launched via Indiegogo yesterday to support the production of Trainset, a ‘zombie comedy’ to be filmed in Scotland and north-east England. Shooting is scheduled to begin in October with stars including Helen Lederer and Daniella Westbrook already on board. CommonSpace could not confirm if the crowdfunder would be accepting donations of braaaaaains…

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