The Scotsman: Time to tackle ‘Scotland’s shame’


SNP government’s latest land reform plans fail to protect the weak from the strong, argues Lesley Riddoch

WILL the Scottish Government heed the will of SNP delegates to beef up its Land Reform Bill?

“When the package is radical, we’ll support it,” said Nicky Lowden MacCrimmon in Aberdeen last month, after demanding stronger legislation on two counts – requiring land-owning companies to register in EU member states and producing greater protection for tenant farmers.

Progress on this latter issue will be under close scrutiny this week as Andrew Stoddart, his wife, their three children and two staff – one with a family of four children – wait to hear if the Coulston Estate in East Lothian will rethink plans to evict them all on 28 November – with scant compensation.

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Picture courtesy of captain.tarmac