The Spectator: Yes, of course an SNP-backed Labour government is perfectly legitimate


By Alex Massie

I AM sure, as Isabel says, that Tory warnings about the horrors – the horrors, Mabel – of a Labour-SNP arrangement at the Palace of Westminster are, as they say, cutting through with voters south of the border. It’s not as though the Tories have been pushing their own uplifting, positive, cheery, message for the country. Instead they have doubled-down on nationalist-inspired risk and chaos.

Why, Sir John Major (and others) chunter on about the appalling lack of democratic legitimacy any SNP-backed Labour government would have. Fiddlesticks and codswallop and a hundred other brands of prattling nonsense. Such a government might be less palatable than some; it would be every bit as legitimate.

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Picture courtesy of First Minister of Scotland