Think tank hits fundraising target to put together blueprint for an independent Scotland

Nathanael Williams

Thinktank preparing policy for the new independence fight

COMMON WEAL, Scotland’s pro-independence thinktank, has hit its initial fundraising target of £25,000 to support work on it’s White Paper Project, which aims to offer the answers to the big questions facing the next Scottish independence campaign.

The group’s director and policy makers have said that Common Weal successfully reaching its target means the independence movement will be equipped with the most detailed blueprint possible for setting up an independent country.

The organisation also announced that the next version of the White Paper Project, referred to as 2.0, will be released in the summer featuring proposals on welfare, currency & foreign reserves, energy infrastructure, public IT systems, tax policy and broadcasting.

The policy and activism group which has already produced in-depth research on issues as wide-ranging as customs, immigration and public investment appealed for funds in March, with which they can continue to research the policy options that will persuade more to vote for independence.

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Dr Craig Dalzell, head of research for Common Weal, said: “We are all delighted and thankful for the success of this crowdfunder. Our supporters and donors are investing in the future direction of our country especially with the work we are now able to complete within the White Paper Project.

“No other group is publishing this vital and detailed research on what Scotland needs to do in order to be a successful independent nation and we are proud that so many share our vision and our drive to put all of us first. Thanks to every single one of you.”

According to organisers, hundreds of people donated to the Common Weal fundraiser, including 118 regular donors who will continue to help sustain Common Weal’s research work every month.

Tiffany Kane, operations manager at Common Weal added: “The White Paper is one of our most ambitious projects yet. We knew we had to start answering the challenging questions left unanswered last time if we were to ever stand a chance of becoming independent.

“I’m absolutely delighted that people have believed in this project enough to invest their hard earned cash. We now have an incredibly talented team working full time to develop the project throughout the year, which will undoubtedly strengthen the case for independence.”

Kane and Dalzell also said that any further donations in the future will contribute to other “crucial upcoming work” by Common Weal.

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