This week on OpenSpace: Q&A with Scottish hip hop artist Loki

Maxine Blane

New question and answers space on CommonSocial gives you the opportunity to chat to leading campaigners, politicians and activists

COMMONSOCIAL feature ‘OpenSpace’ continues this week with special guest Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey, Scottish hip hop artist and political commentator.

OpenSpace is a place to join in the big discussions and get involved in regular question and answer (Q&A) sessions with with those advocating big ideas, covering everything from land reform to inclusive education.

If you’ve ever wanted to chat strategy with Robin McAlpine, or find out more about how to get involved with campaigns and policy on the issues that matter to you, then this is your chance. Come along to OpenSpace, the place on CommonSocial where we’ll be hosting regular Q&A sessions with leading campaigners, politicians and activists.

OpenSpace is open for you to post your questions to this week’s guests, so head over to CommonSocial to become a member of the space and keep up-to-date with future guests and discussions. However, if you can’t be online while a Q&A is happening but would like to pose a question, feel free – all the Q&A sessions will be made available as downloadable resources on the OpenSpace page on CommonSocial after they have taken place.

Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey

Scottish hip hop artist and social commmentator Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey  will be live on OpenSpace from 7-9pm on Wednesday 7 September answering questions about his new video ‘Gaslight’, a view of domestic violence from the eyes of the perpetrator. He’ll be talking about his recent crowdfunder and his upcoming projects, as well as answering questions from both Yes and No voters in what is sure to be a lively and engaging discussion. 

How to get involved

Make sure you are registered on CommonSocial to participate in the OpenSpace Q&A’s

To participate in the Q&A sessions on the OpenSpace page, you’ll need to be registered on our social network CommonSocial. If you already have an account you can switch easily between the CommonSpace site and CommonSocial using the green tab you can see in the picture above, and if you don’t, it couldn’t be easier to set one up by following the link on the CommonSpace homepage.

The first time you use the tab to go to CommonSocial you’ll be prompted to log in there using your username and password, which is the same as your username and password for CommonSpace (remember, it’s your username and not your email address, eg Maxine Blane not After that you can switch between the two with no need to keep logging in and out.

Once you’re on CommonSocial, head on over the to OpenSpace page and get involved by posting your questions and participating in what is sure to be some lively and hopefully enlightening discussion. 

We’ve also put together a short video on how to get the most from CommonSocial, and our editor Angela Haggerty has written a handy guide with everything you need to know about Scotland’s new grassroots social network.

OpenSpace is your chance to make your voice heard on issues that matter to you by putting your questions to some of Scotland’s leading political activists, campaigners and politicians. Keep up to date with upcoming Q&A guests by becoming a member of the OpenSpace page, and remember that all Q&A’s will be documented and available as downloadable resources on the OpenSpace page.

Pictures courtesy of CommonWeal/CommonSocial

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