Top economist and ex-Labour adviser: Indy Scotland can be “refuge” from Tory Brexit mayhem


Ex-Labour Party advisor: Scottish independence can provide safe haven from Tory Brexit Britain

AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND can be a beacon to the rest of the UK and will attract an influx of young, skilled workers and top businesses into the country, according to a top economist and recent advisor to the Labour Party Danny Blanchflower. 

Blanchflower, previously a member of the Bank of England’s influential Monetary Policy Committee, said in a series of online posts that an independent Scotland would provide an attractive proposition in light of the direction the Tories are taking the UK. 

“Scotland should offer itself as a place of refuge for people and firms from the Brexidiots,” he said on the social media site Twitter. 

“I understand that but Scotland has a declining & ageing population & should start to offer incentives for best & brightest Remainers to come,” he said in regard to those in England dissatisfied with Tory policy. 

Blanchflower – who said the economics of Brexit will now push the case for independence – agreed that Scotland has a strong combination of a widely spoken language, quality research institutions, an educated population, and a legal and financial foundation to be successful. 

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From 2015-16 Blanchflower also advised the Labour party on its Economic Advisory Committee.

Blanchflower follows the recent economic re-assessments of independence by other leading economists in England on the case for independence. 

Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of economic policy at Oxford University, said that the economic case for independence is “much stronger” than in 2014, with the benefits for the economy and public services from independence “almost a certainty”.

Tax affairs expert Professor Richard Murphy said he expected Scotland to back independence, and dismissed negative economic reporting as “nonsense” based on a poor reading of limited data, and ignoring the multiple economic opportunities that an independent Scotland would be able to advance. 

Picture courtesy of Duncan Hull

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