Trade unions challenge Scottish Tory councillor who was linked to BNP database


Controversial Tory Neill Graham axed from committee after trade union action 

THE TORY PARTY has faced another backlash to the range of bigotry and extremism allegations hanging over many of its newly elected councillors. 

Neill Graham, elected to Renfrewshire council, previously saw his name, address, and mobile number appear on a far-right British Nationalist Party database – and has numerous offensive political posts under his name.

The Herald reports that trade unions in Renfrewshire threatened a boycott from the workforce complaints and equality board due to his planned membership of the forum. 

In a quick u-turn, he is now expected to not take part. Mark Ferguson of Unison Renfrewshire branch told The Herald: “It was the right decision to take for that particular board, but there’s a wider issue for the council with someone who has expressed these views.”

Graham shared a post attacking the first black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, and a post supporting the troops involved in Bloody Sunday – when 26 people were killed.

He was one of towards a dozen new Tory councillors with links to extremist groups, abusive comments, or offensive material. 

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Graham denied ever being a BNP member. He previously told The Herald: “I have nothing against Muslims or immigrants or Jews.”

The Tories were forced to suspend two Stirling councillors after their online social media posts revealed offensive material.

Picture courtesy of Nicky Rowbottom  

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