“Tremendous” support for Scotland among Poland’s MEPs, Alyn Smith states 


.@AlynSmithMEP set for Poland visit to build solidarity with Scotland 

POLISH MEPs are supporting efforts to maintain Scotland’s close relationship with the European Union, according to Scottish MEP Alyn Smith. 

Smith, who has been meeting groups from across the continent to strengthen support for Scotland’s place in Europe, said that Polish members of the parliament have shown him “tremendous” support. 

His remarks come ahead of Smith’s visit to Warsaw this week to to discuss the future of European politics on the brink of the Brexit negotiations.

“I have lived in Poland in the nineties, when it was not a member of the European Union. I know what Europe means to Poland.” Alyn Smith

Smith said: “I am coming to Poland to tell the Polish people they are still welcome in Scotland, despite the shameful Brexit vote. Many of my Polish friends, who have worked hard in Scotland, suffer the consequences of the Brexit vote. We in Scotland find this treatment of our Polish friends totally unacceptable.

“I have lived in Poland in the nineties, when it was not a member of the European Union. I know what Europe means to Poland. These were fascinating times and, in the same spirit, I want Scotland to remain in our family of European nations because we are better off in the European Union.

“The support I have received from my Polish colleagues at the European Parliament has been tremendous and I want to continue our efforts to strengthen and deepen Scottish-Polish ties, instead of distancing ourselves. Scotland’s place is in Europe, which is also why I am returning to the College of Europe to give a lecture.”

European politicians extend hand of friendship to Scotland after Brexit vote 

Vice-president of the European People’s Party, Poland’s Jacek Saryusz-WolskiVerified, said Scotland is “welcome in EU”, as part of a stream of messages celebrating historic links between Scotland and Poland. 

Scotland-Poland links are extensive, going back over 500 years to when there were large amounts of migration of Scots traders to Polish cities. 

The Polish military forces in exile were stationed across Scotland during the second world war. 

Today the Polish-Scots community in the largest international community in Scotland. Polish is also now the most common first language spoken in Scotland besides English and Gaelic. 

Picture courtesy of European Parliament 

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