Twitter reaction to #Budget2015: Fury, cynicism and sarcasm towards George Osborne’s austerity budget


CommonSpace rounds up the reaction on Twitter to Osborne’s #Budget2015.

REACTIONS to George Osborne’s 2015 budget have focused around several key areas, with young people in particular to feel the bunt of more cuts.

Corporation tax is to be cut, which will benefit big business, and NATO’s defence spend target of two per cent has been pledged to be met.

There was some applauding of the government’s pledge to raise the ‘living wage’ to PS9 by 2020, with others dismissing it as a rebranding of the existing minimum wage.

CommonSpace takes a look at the responses on Twitter from charities, politicians, media and regular punters.

Charities and third sector organisations were generally incredulous about the Budget’s likely impact on the poor and most vulnerable in society.

Barnardo’s Policy

Disappointed by cuts to tax credits to help with the costs of having a third child. Will affect some of very poorest. #SummerBudget

— Barnardo’s Policy (@BarnardosPolicy) July 8, 2015

Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)

All in all #budget2015 is an attack on those already in poverty which will devastate people and communities across Scotland

— SCVO (@scvotweet) July 8, 2015

Poverty Alliance

Lots of disbelief in the room at the Chancellor’s use of ‘we are all in this together’ #budget2015

— Poverty Alliance (@PovertyAlliance) July 8, 2015

Politicians were, as always, coming from their own party perspective, but Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green party, was gracious enough.

Tom Watson MP, Labour deputy leader candidate

It feels like Osborne has written off a whole generation with this Budget. A lot of young people’s dreams will not be realised after today.

— tom_watson (@tom_watson) July 8, 2015

Natalie Bennett, Green party leader

Doesn’t make up for everything else hitting poor, but great to see step towards #livingwage – long-term @TheGreenParty campaign #budget2015

— Natalie Bennett (@natalieben) July 8, 2015

Mhairi Black, SNP MP and youngest member of parliament

Hearing Tory’s bray with joy as the Chancellor announces what he will be cutting shows exactly how dangerous this government is. #budget15

— Mhairi Black MP (@MhairiBlack) July 8, 2015

Scottish Conservatives official press team

Today’s budget terrific news for Scotland. PS9 living wage, cuts to corp tax to help businesses and more people lifted out of tax altogether.

— ScotConservatives (@ScotTories) July 8, 2015

SSP co-spokesperson Colin Fox

#budget2015 The Tories reward their financial backers by cutting Corporation Tax to 18p in PS – lowest rate in the G20 industrialised nations

— Colin Fox (@colinfoxssp) July 8, 2015

Labour Press Team

A family with one earner on average earnings will lose over PS2,000 in tax credits from the changes announced today #budget2015

— Labour Press Team (@labourpress) July 8, 2015

Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Greens

#budget2015 will create a “Peter Pan Generation” of young people who won’t be able to afford to leave home and pursue opportunities

— Amelia Womack (@Amelia_Womack) July 8, 2015

Stewart Hosie, SNP deputy leader

.@StewartHosieSNP says this was truly a Tory budget – taking from the poor and giving to the rich #Budget2015

— The SNP (@theSNP) July 8, 2015

Children’s Commissioner of Scotland, Tam Baillie

.@UKSupremeCourt held benefit cap breached children’s #UNCRC rights, UK Govt just reduced it – why incorporation is needed #budget2015

— Children’s Comm Scot (@RightsSCCYP) July 8, 2015

The antipathy towards George Osborne was clear from media commentators, some of who couldn’t help but verge into the sarcastic

Gerry Hassan author and political commentator

UK: 5th richest country in world; 4th most unequal in rich world: 4 year freeze of working benefits. #ToryBritain #Budget2015

— Gerry Hassan (@GerryHassan) July 8, 2015

Michael Gray, CommonSpace journalist

#budget2015 attacks young people in at least 4 ways: lower wages, youth housing support cut, student grants cut & tuition fees to rise.

— Michael Gray (@GrayInGlasgow) July 8, 2015

Have I Got News For You, BBC programme

Osborne to ‘pull rabbit from hat’ during #budget2015. He will then magically saw welfare in half before making the disabled disappear.

— HaveIGotNewsForYou (@haveigotnews) July 8, 2015

Nick Robinson, BBC journalist

A new national living wage introduced for all workers – PS9 an hour by 2020. Sounds like re-badged minimum wage #budget2015

— Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson) July 8, 2015

Actor David Schneider

A great budget. As long as you’re over 25, own a house, have a well-paid job, live in the South East and aren’t ill or disabled #budget2015

— David Schneider (@davidschneider) July 8, 2015

Actor and writer Jolyon Rubinstein

Thank god @George_Osborne abolished student grants. Who wants to mix with common pleb peasants & oiks & ‘broaden your horizons’? #budget2015

— Jolyon Rubinstein (@JolyonRubs) July 8, 2015


Young people have just been properly screwed over by #budget2015– here’s what you need to know

— MTV UK (@MTVUK) July 8, 2015

Noam Chomsky, US author and academic

#AusterityKills Protest Assemble 5.30pm today Parliament #Austerity is #classwar #chomsky

— troovus (@troovus) July 8, 2015

The Political Scrapbook, online politics website

WATCH: Disabled protesters pelt Downing Street with inflatable balls #Balls2TheBudget

— Political Scrapbook (@PSbook) July 8, 2015

Here’s a more random selection from ordinary members of the Twiterrati

David Mundt @red_dave95

We can’t rely on the pro-business SNP; we have to fight austerity as a peoples movement #budget2015

— David Mundt (@red_dave95) July 8, 2015

Lefty Mr.Creme @SinisterMrCream

Starting directly at camera, face unmoving, Osborne crushes a puppy to death with his bare hands. “Austerity,” he hisses. #Budget2015

— Lefty Mr.Creme (@SinisterMrCream) July 8, 2015

Mohammed @mohxmmedali

The BBC is so bloody bias, I haven’t seen one reporter who has adequately criticized the disasterous budget #budget2015

— Mohammed (@mohxmmedali) July 8, 2015

Sam @samuelltaylorr

actually more angry at the tories than I’ve ever been before #budget2015

— Sam (@samuelltaylorr) July 8, 2015

Lisa @_LiMaMo

I don’t understand why the poor and the young are paying for the mistakes of the rich and older generations? I’m so angry! #budget2015

— Lisa (@_LiMaMo_) July 8, 2015

Picture courtesy of HM Treasury