Twitter round-up: Twitterati on form with hilarious #NotRuledOutByTheSNP hashtag


We’ve spent the morning sifting through a funny hashtag

THE SNP’s General Election 2015 manifesto launch was a bigger event than usual thanks to nearly half of the Scottish population expressing their desire for independence only months ago.

And the question of whether a second referendum will come sooner rather than later has dominated much of the mainstream media coverage.

But despite SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon ruling out having any current plans to call a referendum in the next few years – although she added that if their was a democratic demand she would act accordingly – unionist media outlets have been running with a ‘Sturgeon refuses to rule out second referendum’ line.

Cue the Twitterati. Never one to miss an opportunity for a good hashtag game, #NotRuledOutByTheSNP was born, and it was pretty funny. We’ve rounded up some of the best tweets.

“Donald, Where’s Yer Troosers” to replace “Land of Hope and Glory” at Last Night of the Proms. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Alan Ferrier (@alanferrier) April 20, 2015

Jim Murphy to be banned from all football stadiums #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Doug Daniel (@DouglasDaniel) April 20, 2015

Every statue throughout the UK must be adorned with a traffic cone. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Yoor Wullie (@YoorWullie) April 20, 2015

Sunshine on Leith #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Michael Greenwell (@mgreenwell) April 20, 2015

Using all further north sea oil revenues to fund Salmond’s vast underwater mausoleum in Linlithgow Loch #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Christopher Silver (@silverscotland) April 20, 2015

Bawbag to become allowable ‘Parliamentary language’ #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Mr Sean Adams (@ASairFecht) April 20, 2015

Invading England as far as Derby, before turning back and ultimately getting massacred near Inverness #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Christopher Silver (@silverscotland) April 20, 2015

Painting the sky tartan #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Stormcarrier (@Stormcarrier) April 20, 2015

10p mixtures to not be affected by inflation – ever #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Dr Evil (@IndyForEvil) April 20, 2015

@WingsScotland Every 3rd Friday each month to be Hogmanay #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Neil Robertson (@NeilHHDiamond) April 20, 2015

No food except haggis to be sold anywhere in Scotland on Tuesdays. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Wings Over Scotland (@WingsScotland) April 20, 2015

Haggis to be given protected status, no shooting now allowed, #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— jacquie johnstone (@SNP_ForScotland) April 21, 2015

Following daily prayers, all MPs will be required to be upstanding, sing “Scots Wha Hae” and down a dram #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Louise Davies Jones (@WeezyDJ2) April 21, 2015

Jack and Victor will report the news #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— KirstynCrossley (@kac_94) April 21, 2015

Replacing the pandas in Edinburgh zoo with the Proclaimers. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Kilted Ninja (@ninjaneil2004) April 21, 2015

“Mr speaker” John Bercow to be re-named “Big Man” at PMQ’s. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— James Reid (@funkduster) April 21, 2015

Balmoral to be turned into paintballing venue #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Kaye Nicol (@Schismist) April 21, 2015

Royl baby to be named “Agnes”: #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— IndigoFast (@IndigoFast) April 21, 2015

It will be illegal to put anything other than salt in porridge. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Donald MacNeill (@mrdonmacneill) April 20, 2015

The Houses of Parliament to be renamed the Palace of Yesminster #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Rab McLaughlin (@rabthecab) April 20, 2015

Jings, everyone in the UK to start and finish every day sitting on an upturned bucket #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Andy Duncan (@andywduncan) April 20, 2015

Flinging pieces oot a 20-storey flat. #NotRuledOutByTheSNP

— Duncan Hutchison (@AbrachHutchison) April 20, 2015