UK industrial strategy, culture and Brexit: Round up from day two of the Conservative Party conference


CommonSpace reporter David Thomson gives a round up of what happened on the second day of the Conservative Party conference

TODAY’S INSTALLMENT (3/10/16) rounds up the second day of the Conservative Party conference, including speeches from the business secretary, culture secretary and international trade secretary

Business Secretary Greg Clark

The business secretary told delegates this morning at the Conservative Party conference that the UK needs an industrial strategy for 2016.

Clark said: “From Shaftesbury’s Factory Acts to William Hague’s Disability Discrimination Act, Conservatives have always understood that decent treatment of people at work is not at the expense of industrial success but is a foundation of it.

“This is why the prime minister and I have launched an immediate review of employment practice in the modern economy.

“We know that our labour market works well for the vast majority of people – we want it to work for everyone.”

Clark added: “In this city of Joseph Chamberlain, who as mayor created conditions for industrial success that made Birmingham renowned as the city of a thousand trades, we must recognise the importance of place to an industrial strategy.

“For far too long governments have peered out from Whitehall and imposed policies that treated every place as if they were identical.”

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley

The culture secretary told the conference that culture and sport help the UK make a wider mark on the world.

Karen Bradley told delegates: “We shouldn’t be surprised. Britain is a great country. And my department will be at the forefront of making sure that it works for everyone.

“Dynamic arts, thrilling sport, advanced technology – all these will help bring Britain together.

“Because that’s what culture and sport do.

“It just so happens that these things are worth a fortune to the UK and help us make our mark in the world.”

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox

The international trade secretary told delegates that Britain must not “fritter away” the “golden opportunity” that comes with Britain leaving the EU.

Dr Fox said: “We are not afraid of the challenges: to earn, to compete, to export, to innovate, to trade.

“We will lead the charge once more towards a world of open and fair trade – just as we have done in the past.”

Dr Fox added: “We are not afraid to lead or to take our place on the world stage, to shape the world rather than be shaped by it.

“No, we’re not afraid we are inspired, we are emboldened, and we are ready.

“So, let’s rise to this challenge, to our golden opportunity, as never before.”

Picture courtesy of David Thomson

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