Ukip boast of taking control of UK Government after attacks on migrants


Tory lurch to the right on migration celebrated by senior Ukip MEP  

THE FORMER HEAD of communications for Ukip has said the change in Westminster politics makes it “almost like we are in power” following the Brexit vote.

Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn, who led press operations for the party, embraced the new Tory hard-line message against international citizens in the UK.

“The number of policies Mrs May is lifting out of the Ukip general election manifesto is astonishing. Almost like we are in power, but not in office!”, O’Flynn said. 

A series of Tory ministers, including Theresa May, Amber Rudd, Liam Fox and David Davis, made statements yesterday against migrants’ right to live and work in the UK. That threat has caused uncertainty for the millions of people that have moved to the UK from other countries, including the EU citizens given no guarantees over their future following the Brexit vote.

Divisive nationalists: Outcry at Tory cabinet attacks on foreigners in UK

The Tories have also continued a series of other Ukip policies in office, including now embracing a Hard exit from the EU.

Political leaders including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Kezia Dugdale raised concerns over the shift in Westminster thinking.

Dugdale, responding to media reports, added: “Disgusted by front pages from Tory conference. Just because UKIP created a vacancy doesn't mean Theresa May has to fill it.”

Police have reported a surge in hate crime since the Brexit vote, with a number of horrifying attacks on migrants to the UK. 

Picture courtesy of European Parliament

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