Video: Angus Robertson challenges May to let Scots vote like “everybody else” on Brexit future


SNP Westminster chief slams PM for failing to achieve “UK wide approach and agreement” before beginning formal Brexit process

THE SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson has challenged the UK Tory Government to give Scots a say, along with the UK Government, the European parliament and the governments of the EU’s 27 remaining states, on the UK’s hard Brexit future.

Addressing Prime Minister Theresa May in the House of Commons after she signed the letter to EU authorities triggering the UK’s formal exit, and after the Scottish Parliament voted for the right to hold an independence referendum, he challenged May to accept the parliaments rights and allow Scots that vote.

He also criticised the UK leader for failing to deliver on her pledge to secure an agreement with devolved parliaments on Brexit.

Speaking about the period of decision that will follow negotiations between the UK and EU, Robertson said: “That choice will be exercised in this parliament, in the European Parliament, and in 27 member states of the European Union.

“Given that everybody else will have a choice at that time, will the people of Scotland have a choice

 In response, May said: “Now is not the time to be talking about a second independence referendum. Today of all days we should be coming together as a United Kingdom.”

Slamming May for failing to secure the agreement of devolved administrations and pushing ahead with hard Brexit, Robertson said: “The Prime minister has now triggered Article 50 and she has done so without an agreement

“There is no agreement.

“Why has she broken her promise and broken her word?”

In response, May argued she had pursued a “UK wide” approach and said: “I would simply remind the right honourable gentleman that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom.”

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Picture/Video: Youtube

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