VIDEO: How we put the news together at CommonSpace, with columnist James McEnaney

Maxine Blane

New series with Independence Live continues

IN this week's instalment of our new series offering readers an insight into the CommonSpace newsroom we catch up with our four work experience placements and legal eagle Nick Brady, Angela Haggerty chats about the Tie campaign, and CommonSpace columnist James McEnaney puts in an appearance.

We’re into the final stretch for our work experience cadre after eight weeks with us, which is sad, but it does mean that we’ll be going to the pub on Friday. Nick Brady, who is with us on a legal placement through Scottish Pen, talks about how his defamation and contempt of court training package is coming along. Editor Angela Haggerty and reporter David Jamieson talk about the Tie campaign and Glasgow Pride, and we’ve managed to get columnist James McEnaney into the office to talk about what it’s like to contribute to CommonSpace.

Through this feature, we hope to give you an insight into how we make decisions at CommonSpace and how reporters approach their work. We also hope it will encourage our readers to get in touch with us with any feedback, suggestions, ideas or even contacts that they might have for stories we're working on.

Picture courtesy of CommonSpace/Independence Live

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