VIDEO: How we put the news together at CommonSpace, with special guest Alan Bissett

Maxine Blane

New series with Independence Live continues

IN this week's instalment of our new series offering readers an insight into the CommonSpace newsroom we catch up with our four work experience placements, meet new start Nick Brady who’s here on a legal placement via Scottish Pen, and Indy Live's Kevin Gibney chats to special guest Alan Bissett, author and playwright.

Our work experience cadre are now half-way through their time with us, and you can watch below to see how far they’ve come in just four weeks. It’s a full-house at the CommonSpace table now, with newcomer Nick Brady joining the team through a legal work experience placement organised by Scottish Pen. We didn’t think we could top last week’s adorable special guests, but Alan Bissett gave it a good try as he and Kevin Gibney had a chat about his new play, fatherhood, and all things Scottish politics.

Through this feature, we hope to give you an insight into how we make decisions at CommonSpace and how reporters approach their work. We also hope it will encourage our readers to get in touch with us with any feedback, suggestions, ideas or even contacts that they might have for stories we're working on.

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