Video: Short film charts the rise of Scotland’s LGBT+ education campaign


Campaign continues to gain momentum with support for Women for Independence movement

A SHORT FILM, documenting the cause of young people and campaigners fighting for LGBT+ inclusive education has been released.

The video features footage from the rise of the Time for Inclusive Education (Tie) campaign, which is fighting for reforms toe Scottish teaching to provide a school level education which is inclusive of the variety of sexualities and sexual and gender identities that exist in society.

The film, which focuses on the psychological and social destruction caused by homophobic bullying and abuse suffered by school children, features interview with people living with the consequences of that abuse as well as leading campaigners for reform.

Short film by BlueStar Streaming Ltd

The release of the short film, which was created by BlueStar Streaming Ltd in association with Tie and with funding from Awards for All Scotland, comes as the Tie campaign continues to grow with support from Women for Independence (WfI) – one of the largest and most influential campaigns from the 2014 Scottish independence movement.

A spokeswoman for WfI said: “We are happy to support TIE and their campaign for inclusive education. Schools are not just there to furnish young people with academic qualifications, but also to inform and educate them about the world and how to live in it with respect. TIE has a vital role to play.”

The endorsement from WfI, which includes Scottish Government figures such as Jeane Freeman MSP, is one of many recent endorsements which has seen Tie move into the political mainstream.

Pictures: SNP parliamentarians support LGBTI+ education lobby at Glasgow Pride

The campaign led this year’s Glasgow Pride procession (20 August), the most overtly political in years, which saw politicians from across the Scottish political spectrum join the campaign in demanding inclusive education.

The campaign wants to see political action behind changes to teacher training and syllabuses in all schools, and for those changes to be monitored so that a reduction in homophobic abuse can be assured.

Picture courtesy of Craig Paterson
Video: BlueStar Streaming, Pink Saltire Youtube channel

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