Vines of the week: Nicola Sturgeon masks, Faslane and Ronald McDonald


We take a glimpse at some of this week’s weird and wonderful (mostly weird) moments in politics

The General Election campaign is in full swing with round the clock coverage of press briefings, manifesto launches and debate analysis.

Ever feel like the mundane squabbling and spin is getting a bit too much? You’re not the only one.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the week’s wackier moments.

1) When Buzzfeed’s Jamie Ross tried to talk to Tories in Nicola Sturgeon masks.

2) When Jim Murphy had problems keeping the till closed on a visit to Social Bite.

3) When anti-nuke protesters blocked Faslane naval base.

4) When some Glaswegians gave Ronald McDonald pelters for poor working conditions.

5) When Ed Miliband (feat Limmy) challenged David Cameron to a debate.

Picture by Thomas Hawk