Voting opens in Scotland for historic election


Polls are open from 7am to 10pm

VOTING will take place across Scotland and the UK today (8 June), in an election marked by historic poll shifts and stark ideological polarisation.

The election was called by Prime Minister Theresa May on 18 April and has been dominated by a surge in support for Labour under leftwing leader Jeremy Corbyn. The SNP is defending 56 seats it won in the 2015 General election.

Scotland’s 4,710 polling places opened at 7am this morning across 59 seats, and will close at 10pm.

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There are 3,988,420 registered voters in Scotland.

Voters will need to be registered to take part. However, registered voter can vote without a polling card as long as they take identification to their local polling station.

In Scotland, there will also be a by-election for the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire Scottish parliamentary seat.

Most media will not cover political developments for the rest of the day, allowing the public to cast their vote. This pause will be broken by the release of exit polls at 10pm.

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Picture courtesy of Mark Fowler

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