Watch: Aamer Anwar savages “pound shop Thatcher” May over Grenfell tragedy


Human rights lawyer calls for “people’s coalition” at Glasgow Grenfell rally

SCOTLAND’S leading campaigning lawyer, Aamer Anwar, has spoken out against the Tory Government over the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Speaking to crowds on Glasgow’s Buchanan street today (17 June) Anwar attacked Conservative policies which he said had contributed to dangerous housing, and about what he said was the government’s general disregard for public safety created by its promotion of profiteering.

Adressing the rally, organised at short notice by the Living Rent tenants union and campaign group, Anwar said: “There are 18 memebers of Theresa May’s present government who were among 72 Tory MPs who voted against Corbyn’s ammendment that would have made houses fit for habitation.

“A few weeks ago I watched that hypocrit, Theresa May , that pound shop Thatcher, cry crocodile tears for kids in Manchester while she was simultaneously arming Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemeni children.”

“It’s the freedom of the rich to exploit the poor, for corporations to exploit their workers and for landlords to exploit their tenants.” Aamer Anwar

“During the election the Tories talked about keeping us safe, defending our freedom, but the freedom they celebrate is highly selective.

“It’s the freedom of the rich to exploit the poor, for corporations to exploit their workers and for landlords to exploit their tenants.

“Let me say this those politicians who screamed they wanted brexit to be a bonfire of regulations. That ‘red tape’ defends our lives, it defends our futures, it’s so the rich cant take short cuts.”

The hundreds protested in Glasgow joined tens of thousands in London, where protests were held last night. Kensington and Chelsea council headquarters was over run by hundreds of protestors chanting for “justice” and for Prime Minister Theresa May to leave office.

Police have now identified at least 58 presumed dead in the Grenfell tower block, which bburned almost from top to bottom in the early hours of Wednesday morning (14 June).

The Grenfell tenants association had submitted numerous complaints over four years to local authorities concerning alleged negligence in fire safety.

The scandal that erupted after the fire has drawn together public ager over the UK’s housing crisis and austerity. It has plunged May’s government deeper into turmoil amid claims she has behaved callously by failing to meet victims. She faces attempts to bring together a coalition with the DUP next week, as well as the begining of Brexit negotiations on Monday.

Anwar also said that what had taken place was a “crime” and not merely an “accident”. He added he didn’t support and enquiry carried out by the government.

Burning embers: Below Grenfell Tower crises meet and unrest grows

“I do not trust any enquiry where the Prime Minister gets to dictate the terms of reference of the inquiry, because we know it will be nothing more than a whitewash.”

He called on the SNP, Labour and other left parties to put rivalries aside and prepare to replace May’s unstable government with a “people’s coalition”.

Today also saw thousands gather outside Downing street to protest against the governments plans for a DUP deal, which would give the deciding say on policy to a party with a record of anti-catholic bigotry and supporting loyalist paramilitarism, and with ultra-conservative views including opposition to equal marriage and aborition rights.

Finishing his speech, Anwar said: “The dead cannot cry out for justice, but we the living have a duty to do so.”

Picture courtesy of Living Rent

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