WATCH: ‘It’s inhumane’ – family fight decision to replace overnight carers with ‘telecare’ system


One family’s petition against replacing a disabled woman’s carers with ‘telecare’ system has gained over 85,000 signatures

Ruth Cherry is in her late twenties and has complex needs. This year she moved out of her family home into her own home, with the provision that she would receive 24 hour care support. East Renfrewshire City Council have now replaced her overnight support with a telecare system, which would mean she is left alone, locked in her house between 10pm and 8am every night – unable to go to the toilet or get herself a glass of water. Her family are demanding that the appropriate care support be reinstated.

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This case is the topic of discussion on this week’s CommonSpace Show, in which David Jamieson and Rhiannon Davies are joined by disability rights campaigner, Colette Walker. Online tomorrow.  Watch previous versions of the show here.