Watch Live: Glasgow hustings with Johann Lamont, Tommy Sheridan, Cat Boyd and Zara Kitson


Johan Lamont, Tommy Sheridan, Cat Boyd, Zara Kitson and Ivan McKee set to debate in Glasgow list hustings

A GLASGOW hustings featuring leading regional list candidates from across Scotland’s major parties will be broadcast by Independence Live from 7pm tonight (13 April).

Candidates including former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, former SSP MSP and now leader of Solidarity Tommy Sheridan, lead Rise candidate Cat Boyd, Green candidate Zara Kitson, SNP candidate Ivan McKee and Women’s Equality Party candidate Anne Beetham will present their case to be elected on the Glasgow regional list.

The hustings can be watched below or by following the link above

The hustings is likely to be contentious, with organisers warning against protests against one of the candidates in the hustings. The facebook page for the event includes comments protesting against the presence of Sheridan, a controversial figure in politics whose defamation case against the News of the World newspaper led to a damaging split in the SSP, which he helped to found.

The Glasgow region is expected to be the site of some of the most heated electoral battles in the 2016 Scottish elections held this May, with several high profile leftwing candidates vying to represent the city.

Picture courtesy of Subcity Radio