WATCH: MPs and campaigners share stories from Calais ‘jungle camp’

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Politicians and campaigners share stories of spending time in Calais

IN April 2016, a witness bearing delegation from Scotland visited the infamous 'jungle' camp, filled with refugees, in Calais. The delegation formed part of a sustained series of high profile visits which has enabled the situation in Calais to become a matter of public concern after years of obscurity.

Those who formed part of the recent delegation included SNP MPs from the justice and home affairs select committee, academics, clinicians, campaigners and those who have long experience in working with refugees in Scotland.

Please join members of the delegation share some what they witnessed during their four days at the camps and also reflect on the potential impacts there of the recent EU referendum result. This event will begin streaming live from 6pm.

              "At times of chronic humanitarian crisis, an active approach is that of bearing witness. Bearing witness is uncomfortable and provoking. There is a need for us not to flinch from the acute discomfort, even anger and helplessness, of being witnesses to what, wittingly or unwittingly, our policies and voting habits, foreign and domestic, have done." Alison Phipps

Speakers include:

Anne McLaughlin MP (Shadow SNP spokesperson on civil liberties)

Professor Alison Phipps (GRAMNet convenor)

Dr Teresa Piacentini (Lecturer, GRAMNet) 

Amal Azzudin (‘Glasgow Girl’ and Mental Health Foundation)

Pinar Aksu (Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees activist)

Joe Brady (former head of protection and integration at the Scottish Refugee Council, now parliamentary advocacy manager)

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