WATCH: RIC conference 2016 – After the British state: The road to democracy

Independence Live

Watch Independence Live’s stream of the Radical Independence Campaign (Ric) conference here on CommonSpace

DON’T worry if you can’t make it to the Radical Independence Campaign conference in Glasgow because Independence Live will be there throughout the day with a livestream of the event.

This special conference – ‘After the British state: The road to democracy’ – will discuss, debate and plan action to put people-powered solutions at the centre of the crisis of the British state and Europe.

Organisers say the event will put the democratic deficit and the radical decline of the British state in context, with speakers from across Europe, England, Scotland, the workers movement and youth.

In addition, conference will discuss and debate the changing terrain on which a new grassroots movement for independence must be built, and the event will feature a combination of plenaries, workshops, debates and facilitated sessions to organise practical activity.

Speakers include: Patrick Harvie MSP, Cat Boyd, Alan Bissett, Adam Ramsay, Mike Small, Angela Haggerty, George Kerevan MP, Gerry Hassan, Pete Cannell, Pinar Aksu, Aamer Anwar, Robine McAlpine, Joan McAlpine MSP, Ross Greer MSP, Frances Curran, Lesley Riddoch, Jonathon Shafi and many more. Watch live from 10am.

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