#WeAreScotland: Twitter trend expresses pro-immigrant tone in Scotland

Nathanael Williams

Twitter media platform used to express aspirations for open, tolerant nation

PEOPLE living in Scotland have been tweeting in favour of an open and tolerant society following a week that saw unprecedented xenophobic rhetoric and policy pronouncements at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

Under the hastag #WeAreScotland individuals took to the online platform twitter to express their varied cultural roots and how Scotland as a society has made them feel welcome.

The online trend started in response to an SNP tweet in which Nicola Sturgeon denounced anti-immigrant sentiment and follows a week where the post Brexit UK Government under Theresa May has taken a more strident line on immigration and foreign workers, hoping to shift the political centre ground in England to the right. 

CommonSpace presents a list of the best of #WeAreScotland. 

Picture courtesy of SNP

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