What would Scotland’s new currency look like? Have your say


We want you to tell us what a Scottish currency should look like

TODAY, the New Economics Foundation and Common Weal launched a new report into a new digital currency for Scotland.

The referendum campaign generated a huge amount of debate around currency, bringing the issue to the forefront of political debate in Scotland.

Now we want your input into this exciting development.

Even though the currency would be digital, it, like Bitcoin , it would require a brand and trademark logo.

What should the currency look like? Should it be something traditional? Or should it have a brand that is completely distinct to conventional forms of established finance?

We want to know what you think Scotland’s digital currency should look like.

Send us images of your design – with fancy graphics or drawn on the back of a napkin, we don’t mind – to miriam@common.scot , and we will compile your entries and publish them.

The deadline for entries will be tomorrow (11th September) at midday.