WWF Report Warns ‘Wildlife in Freefall’

Arctic Skua

WWF Living Planet Report 2020 warns wildlife decline is in freefall, with Scottish Arctic Skua on the list.

Scottish species the Arctic Skua named among declining wildlife species. WWF Living Planet Report 2020 claims agriculture and over-fishing are largely to blame.

“We’re on track to wipe wildlife from the face of the planet, but nature is sending us a desperate SOS. This report makes clear that recovery can happen, but we need to place the environment at the heart of our decision-making, end harmful practices and catalyse nature’s recovery if we are to have any hope of building a safe and resilient future for nature, people and our planet. Here in Scotland that means restoring and expanding our native habitats; building farming and fishing in a way that enhances nature and reduces climate emissions, and protecting our oceans.” – Lang Banks, director at WWF Scotland.