Yes rally in Glasgow Green prepares to “reach out” to no voters for indyref 2


Pro-independence events taking place across Scotland to mark two years since the independence referendum

THE ORGANISERS of a forthcoming rally to mark the second anniversary of the Scottish independence referendum say they want the rally to “reach out” to the majority of Scots who voted No in 2014.

The rally, which will take place in Glasgow Green on Sunday 18 September, will be addressed by Tommy Sheppard, Robin McAlpine and Paul Kavanagh among others and will also feature live music from acts including the Clancy Sessions Band. The Yes Bikers will also attend the rally.

Some of the organisers of the rally, taking place under the title of the Yes Movement, were involved in organising the continuous demonstrations in Glasgow Square in the days running up to the referendum vote on 18 September 2014.

Speaking to CommonSpace one of the organisers, Matthew Hudson said: “2014 was more a celebration. Now in 2016 it needs to be more informative. We want to reach out to people who were not Yes last time, and the event is strictly non-party political.

“We just want to get everyone together, just to get the word out there. Show Westminster, the media and the world we want another referendum.

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“We are organising this in tandem with events being organised across Scotland.”

Other events taking place in Scotland on Sunday 18 include the relaunch of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) in the St Lukes venue in Glasgow, and a showcase of pro-independence cartoons and other artwork in Leiper Fine Art.

Pro-independence rallies will also be held in Oban and Inverness among other locations, with a rally also organised for the following week in Edinburgh.

Sunday will also see the formal launch of an app aimed designed to help disparate pro-independence groups communicate with each other.

The rally is evidence of the re-mobilisation of the grassroots of the independence campaign in the wake of Britain’s shock vote to the leave the EU on 23 June.

Immediately after the Brexit vote, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that a second referendum on Scottish independence was “highly likely”.

Picture courtesy of Alf Melin

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