Z Bent: Fusion Music Performance

Independence Live

This is a Free event at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow.

Join us for a night of fusion (Middle eastern- Electronic) music. Performed by Iranian singer Farzane Zamen and Egyptian singer Habiba Makhlouf. 3rd of March is Music Freedom Day and the show will be streaming live with an event for music freedom day and official worldwide release of Z BENT EP in Oslo-Norway.

Show will be started by Charly Houston, a Glasgow based musician and will be continued by a talk between Ian Smith and Farzane Zamen connected live to Oslo. The final section will be Z Bent performance.

Farzane Zamen, an Iranian musician, producer, singer and songwriter, was awarded a prestigious Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellowship and is currently on her six-month APF Fellowship residency at CCA. This APF Fellowship also includes the participation of Glasgow-based organisations – The Glad Café, The Green Door Studio and and Norway-based SafeMUSE.

Z Bent incorporates elements of electronic music and Middle Eastern sounds – including Arabic strings, oud and darbuka. Farzane sings in English, while Habiba Makhlouf provides the Arabic and French lyrics. Farzane chose not to pen the songs in her native language of Farsi, explaining: “The concept is that women are suffering from the same problems in many Muslim communities, so I thought it’s better to be multilingual and understandable for more people”. With Z Bent, Farzane hopes to give voice to Middle Eastern women from diverse backgrounds, and reveal paradoxes about perception and reality.